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In a recent report, theInternational Energy Agency referring to the current situation, spoke of the first real global energy crisis in human history. The ideas proposed to mitigate the problem are varied and diverse, but finding new and more sustainable ways of producing, for example, electricity, certainly remains the best option. Hence the revolutionary "Quantum Gravity" generator, based on more than 25 years' experience of field experiments and research in the field of quantization of gravity, was born and is proposed to be a viable alternative to renewable energy plants for electricity production.



A Theory of Everything, capable of explaining and uniting all known physical phenomena into a single framework, has always fascinated scientists. A Theory of Everything would unify all the fundamental interactions of nature, which are usually considered to be four in number: gravity, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, and electromagnetic force. There have been many theories proposed by theoretical physicists in the last century, but none has been experimentally confirmed. However, if we only consider the unification of gravity with electromagnetism, there are some promising theories, for example, in the field of quantum gravity. Taking as a basis some mathematical models derived from theories inherent in the quantization of gravity, a new experimental approach to the generation of electric current has been developed. This is made possible by new interpretations of gravitational and inertial mass, in light of certain theories of physics that are intended, precisely, to provide a description of gravity that is consistent with quantum mechanics.




The know-how gained and the patents acquired, can upon request be granted through specific and customized licenses according to the needs of individual customers or investors. Additional patents will be filed in the near future based on the continuing evolution of these new technologies.




For information on patents and licenses, or to collaborate on industrial development or future research and development, please write to: info@quantumgravity.it

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